Advanced Pulmonary Physiomic Imaging Lab

Coupling Image
Computational 1d-3d Coupling of Airway Geometry
Acinar Morphometry Image
Micro Ct-based Acinar Morphometry
Air Tissue Calculation Image
In Vivo Lung Air Quantification via the DSR
Air Trapping
CT-based Lung Air Trapping
Airway Gender Relation Image
CT-assessed Airway Gender Differences
Airway Paths
Standardized Airway Paths for CT Assessment
DECT PBV image
DSR image
Dynamic Spatial Reconstructor (DSR)
Emph vs PFT image
Dissociation Between PFT and Quantitative CT
HPV Perfusion image
HPV-bsed Redistribution of Regional Perfusion
Human VS Mouse Imaging Goals
Goals of Human vs Mouse Imaging
Air Trapping Image
Airway Structure - Air Trapping Associations
Emphysema Image
Emphysema Clusters
Lobe Segmentation Image
Lobe Segmentation
Middle Lobe Emphysema Image
Lobar Emphysema Distribution
Particle Deposition Image
Computational Fluid Dynamic Predictions of Particle Deposition
Regional Vent SM vs NONSM Image
Xenon-CT Ventilation
Screen Shot 2013-09-12
Quantification of Bone Architecture
Screen Shot 2014-03-27
CT Imaging of Lung Structure
Xe Kinetics
Regional Ventilation via Xenon CT
3D Lung Image
Xenon-based Imaging of Central Airways and Regional Ventilation
Artery Vein Segmentation in Non-contrast CT
Total Pulmonary Vascular Volume Image
Lobar-based TPVV