Melissa Saylor


  • BS, Radiation Sciences, University of Iowa, Iowa City, Iowa


  • Melissa Saylor has been working with Dr. Hoffman and the APPIL lab since June 2013; starting out as a Research Assistant and promoted to Research Associate in May 2015. As a Research Associate in the lab, she is able to over-see scanning, build CT protocols, and conduct research imaging activities. Although the lab is a lung imaging facility, there is still diversity in what is scanned, with researchers coming from around the community and nation to have the group scan for them on its top-of-the-line SIEMENS scanner! With the lab having just installed the new SIEMENS Force scanner, there are unlimited possibilities for new studies and research to be done. She also works with many sites around the United States involved in the lab's multi-center studies (COPDgene, SPIROMICS, etc..) to ensure protocols are being performed properly and quality imaging is done to meet the standards of the study.

  • Melissa received a bachelor's degree in Radiation Sciences from the University of Iowa in 2011 after completing a two-year program at Covenant's School of Radiography in Waterloo, Iowa in 2009. She is ARRT certified in General Radiology as well as Computed Tomography(CT).

  • She is excited to see what's next for CT and lung imaging with all of the improvements and advancements in CT technology!


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