Smoking Cessation Study

Cigarette smokers 21-65 years old are invited to participate in a smoking cessation study. The purpose of this research study is to find out if smoking cessation combined with Sildenafil, will restore blood flow to possible injured areas of your lungs. Sildenafil is an FDA approved medication that is approved for many different uses including the treatment of pulmonary hypertension but it will be given, during this study, in a non FDA-approved manner. You have a 50/50 chance of receiving Sildenafil or placebo.

Your involvement will be four visits over 90 days. The first visit (baseline) last between 5-7 hours. The 30 and 60 day visits will be 2-3 hours, and the last visit will be 4-5 hours.

The study involves filling out questionnaires, lung function (breathing) tests, CT scans with and without contrast; blood draws, a urine sample, and a smoking cessation session. If you complete all study procedures and visits you will be paid $425.

Optional sub-studies:

  1. If you successfully quit smoking and have no detectable levels of tobacco in your blood at 60 and 90 days you will receive $400. Requires one additional tube of blood at each visit.

  2. Involves measuring the blood flow through your blood vessels using blood pressure cuffs placed on your arm and finger, your heart rate and rhythm will be monitored and a sonogram of your carotid artery (blood vessel in your neck). Measurements completed twice at the first visit and once for the other three visits. You will be paid $40 for the first visit and $20 for the other three visits.


  • Current cigarettes smokers that smoke at least one half pack of cigarettes daily.
  • Have a desire to stop smoking.
  • 25-65 years of age.
  • Willing to abstain from using nicotine patches, e-cigarettes, or marijuana for the duration of the study.

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